Training & Consulting

Our certified and experienced chemical engineers can provide training and consulting on every aspect of establishing a production space, equipment, facility needs and procedure analysis. We recommend for manufactures with existing set-ups to have an analysis done even if they feel their production capabilities are adequate.


Advanced Distillation can review your current procedure applications and make changes for efficeincy, better recovery or needed equipment changes or upgrades. Provide training on existing equipment, sourcing on upgrades and providing new equipment to enhance procedure flow. This will allow customers to create more efficient procedures for faster production and better quality material.


Advanced Distillation can provide procedures to recoup more material and have less waste. Revamp existing equipment to meet new needs for material production. Provide Custom fabrication, with quick turn around time, in some cases around a week.


Advanced Distillation can also provide repair of existing broken equipment and part replacement.

Biomass Storage

Sufficient storage for biomass is necessary to accommodate seasonality of production and to ensure regular supply of the biomass utilization.

Fire & Safety Training

Training in general fire safety. The focus is preventing fires in the workplace. Learn about fire prevention, emergency plans, and accordance with OSHA and inspector standards.

Standard Operating procedures (SOP)

Step-by-step instructions compiled to help carry out complex routine operations that aim to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, to comply with industry regulations.

Solvent Storage Systems

Training to store flammable liquids, solvents, pesticides and other hazardous materials to meet fire codes and safety regulations.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation works best when combined with methods to avoid heat buildup in your facility. In some cases, natural ventilation will be supplemented with spot ventilation, fans, and filters. Learn how to maintain heat-generating equipment, and use of spot ventilation.

Equipment Ugrades, Consulting & Troubleshooting

Provide an on-site performance evaluation of the daily operations, preventive maintenance and thoroughly examine the entire production process. Perform plant & equipment evaluation to determine necessary upgrades based on current and future flows and regulatory requirements.

Distillation Procedure Analysis

Evaluation of the process involving the conversion of a material into vapor that is subsequently condensed back to its original form and the efficiency of the process and results.

Distillation technical Consulting

From SOP and technical consulting to creative methods and solutions, we help businesses make the most of any distillation procedures.

On-Site Installation

Our mission is to provide on time, affordable and safe installation service that meets or exceeds the quality expectations of our clients. We believe that installation services are an important aspect of any project. Our clients are expect to receive the highest quality service we can provide.

Upgrading Lab Scale & Large Scale to Industrial Production Consulting

When implementing a large-scale upgrade, it is important to follow a very clear procedure which leaves no stone unturned – from initial conversation to final validation and everything in between.


We follow a Safety Project Methodology of managing many machines at multiple facilities and coordinating production and maintenance schedules to achieve top efficiency.

Advanced Distillation can provide you with a quote on any distillation or extraction or recovery system to met your production needs. Contact us today to discuss your options for production capabilities.