Advanced Distillation can provide procedures to increase recovery of material, accelerate purity, and streamline existing procedures to obtain a faster turn around time with optimized quality product processing.

Research & Development

  • Provide in depth research on all aspects of distillation process
  • Develop more streamlined procedures
  • Create new advanced procedures to give you an edge in the market place
  • Provide solutions to issues in current procedure work
  • Troubleshoot existing procedures and find economical and efficient solutions

Terpene Profiling

  • Capture and addition of terpenes to create custom blends
  • Identification and analysis of terpene profiles

Pesticide Removal Procedure

  • Procedures available to reduce known pesticide levels down state requirements
  • PPB on known pesticide residues
  • Custom procedures available tailored to your specific product

Novel Solvent Extraction Methods

  • Efficient and cost effective procedures for near total removal of solvent material
  • Safe, effective and efficient custom procedures available
  • ¬†Minimize expense and time with better procedures

Unique Winterization

  • More efficiency
  • Procedures that require less equipment
  • Less turn around time
  • Custom procedures available tailored to your specific product

Color Removal Procedure

  • Innovative procedures available to obtain clear material
  • Reduce distillate time with better output

Decarboxylization Procedure

  • Removal of carbon dioxide from organic acids

Purity Enhancement Techniques

  • Lead the market with increased product purity
  • Isolating and increasing purity percentages of final product
  • We can customize techniques to enhance any product

Fractional Distillation Procedures

  • Custom procedures to find the best method for your end product
  • Better yields in less time

Advanced Distillation can provide you with a quote on any distillation or extraction or recovery system to met your production needs. Contact us today to discuss your options for production capabilities.