Advanced Distillation

Providing a wide variety of specialized custom made equipment, distillation , Procedures , R&D, consulting, training and support for manufactures to obtain market ready material.

Advanced Distillation can provide equipment, distillation systems, research and development , technology, training and consulting period We strive for high quality with competitive pricing in the marketplace.

Production Equipment

We provide in house custom manufacturing and distribution of molecular wipe film evaporation units, solvent extraction systems, solvent recovery systems , decarboxylation units, winterization equipment and much more. Our team can build the perfect system for you manufacturing needs. We have certified chemical engineers who can help you achieve your goals from small laboratory setup s to mass production.

Solvent Extraction & Distillation Systems

Wide variety of available builds to meet your production quotas.

Molecular Wipe Film Evaporator

Starting with the entry level 2 inch unit Advanced Distillation can custom manufacture any size wipe unit to meet your production needs

Decarboxylation Systems

Our custom built system can provide any range of put through needed for efficient processing

Research & Development

Advanced Distillation has the experience and know how to create custom procedures to improve quality of end material and bring the most exceptional product to the market. We have cutting edge concepts that can revolutionize any products characteristics.


Advanced Distillation team of chemical engineers has produced many tested and reliable procedures to provide a variety of interchange procedures that improve the end product and create increased efficiency in production

Molecular Wipe Film Evaporator Distillation Unit

AMD 2" Wipe Film Evaporator

Entry level unit that provides efficient and reliable results every time

AMD 4" Wipe Film Evaporator

Medium range production capabilities to provide more put through capabilities for larger scale production

KDL-5 Wipe Film Evaporator

Specialized processing unit using the KDL technology to provide effect and reliable results

About Us

Advanced Distillation delivers quality product to an ever-growing and widening marketplace. Our team of chemical engineers and machinists strive to provide new and innovative achievements in quality standards of excellence for each and every customer.